Welcome to the Young Marrieds' Ministry!

In the generation in which we are living, it is very difficult for a young married couple to provide enough support for each other and their family with the constant demands and battles of everyday life. 

Often times other young married couples can give additional support and prayer to couples who may be struggling with problems, whether it is a spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial need or family relations in general.

It is a goal of the Young Married's ministry to build strong Christian relationships between husbands and wives and their families based on biblical principles and values.  One way we do this is by giving young married couples an opportunity to get together in fellowship.  This allows them to "escape" the daily havoc and stress of life and get connected once again with their mate.

Come and join us on our next Young Married's function and have a wonderful time of Christian fellowship.

Jeremy & Jessica Tuttle, Young Marrieds Coordinators