Welcome to the Mentoring Ministry Page

The Webster’s dictionary definition of a mentor is “a wise and trusted person”. Other words for a mentor are - adviser, tutor, sponsor, teacher, coach.

Many times when people desire to make changes in their life and serve God they have to separate themselves from the people they were spending time with in order to stop unhealthy and destructive influences. They need opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances in the church making it easier for them to transition.

The goal of the Mentoring Ministry is three-fold. First, to connect each new person with a mentor; someone who will be an example and “coach” to help them through the transition of stepping out of their old life into a new life in Christ. Second, we want to introduce each new person to other people in the church giving them an opportunity to build new friendships. And third, we want to give them an opportunity to get to know our ministers through the Home Groups.

At present we have three Home Groups started, one in Ellettsville, one in Stinesville, and one in Spencer. These groups meet every other week. Each meeting consists of Bible study, prayer and fellowship. They are an enjoyable time of learning the Word of God and discussing how to apply what we are learning. This is a wonderful opportunity for new people to ask questions, receive prayer, and get to know other people in the church. The Home Groups have proven to be a blessing to everyone involved. We gain strength from one another and form a camaraderie that helps all of us stand strong together.

Sherry McGlashanMentoring Ministry Coordinator